Taking Your Time

Has anyone ever told you to allow a new relationship to develop naturally and slowly? Just what does that mean? Relationships go through a series of stages and you don't want to make long term decisions while you're still in the earliest stage. That's called infatuation, and can last up to six months.

During this time, all is right with the world - you have that exhilaration of new romance. Be cautious - It takes time to get to know a person's values and temperament. Enjoy the excitement yet understand that you will learn a lot more in the next relationship stages.


  1. I agree with the notion of taking your time. In fact, I advise my clients to go very slowly in making decisions about relationships. I suggest that it takes two years to really know if someone promising can really come through, or was it just promise. Everything worth having is worth spending the time to do well. Steve

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