Fit4Love Friday: You Are Amazing!

Self-confidence is sexy!This week’s post is about embracing just how amazing you are! 

Read this out loud, “I am an incredible catch, and some person will be lucky to have me as their life partner.” 

How do you feel about what you just read? 

If you’re comfortable, that’s great – you’re feeling self-confident about who you are and what you bring to a relationship. 

If you are uncomfortable thinking about the fact that you’re a catch, let’s look at some possible reasons. 

You may have a critical inner voice that negatively compares you to other people.

You may have a list of self-improvement projects that need to be addressed before you can feel good about yourself. 

Or you may have been raised to believe that such statements are immodest, bragging and unflattering.

I’d like to suggest that you are enough, and you are a catch.  You deserve to be happy in a relationship, and you don’t have to settle for a person because you think you can’t do any better.

Sure, there are things you may like to change,  but overall, you have a lot to offer just the way you are. 

Look in the mirror and announce that you’re ready to meet that person who’s been waiting all their life for you. 

Until next time, enjoy the journey!


P.S. Will you share three things, right now that you love about yourself?

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