Fit4love Friday: Do You Know Your Date’s Values?

Fit4love graduates know what values matter to them and the values they want in a partner. This is so important that we spend an entire module on it and it's important because most relationships end because of fundamental values conflicts.

How to rate your dateI have an easy exercise for you to do that will quickly show you how compatible you are with your date, along values lines.

First, use our Values Inventory to make a list of the top ten values you want your partner to have - these are absolutely essential qualities.  Some examples are honesty, commitment to family, sense of humor, initiative, love of outdoors, and so on.

On your next date, become the observer -- listen to what your date says, and ask questions to find out where this person stands relative to your essential values.

After the date, look at your list, and rate your date on a scale of 1-5 on how he or she did according to your values.  Then, add up the scores.

The highest your date can score is 50 points.  If you don't have a minimum of 42 points, you may want to look carefully at this relationship to see if you really are a fit.

Your values define you -- be true to them.

Have you ever ignored situations that were value conflicts in the hope that you could make a relationship work? How did that work?

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