Fit4love Friday: Take Time To Celebrate

Relationship guru Sheila PaxtonI’ve just completed a fast-paced, high-pressure week. It was filled with business and personal breakthroughs. I received my newly published book, Getting Past Jaded, gave a keynote address at a women’s conference where 550 people were in attendance, and coached five clients through relationship problems. By Friday night, I was exhausted.

I took time to rest over the weekend and reflect on the flurry of activity. I realized that I was looking for the things that weren’t perfect instead of focusing on my successes. That hadn’t happened in a long time.

My next thought was about the Fit4love community members. You have a busy life too – earning a living, spending time with friends and family, dating, exercising, volunteering, to name a few.

In your busy life, where is your focus? Do you allow yourself time to celebrate the little accomplishments and successes of each day? Or, do you look for what wasn’t perfect and give those items too much energy?

When I celebrate what’s going right, I feel better about myself. And when I feel better about myself, I am more present to be the best me I can.

Think about starting a daily practice of celebration where you let yourself rejoice in your accomplishments. Catch yourself doing things right as often as you can.

If your intention is to be the best you possible, this practice will help you accomplish that.

Your first self-congratulations is for reading this post and thinking about making those small improvements that add up – so celebrate!

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

P.S.  - Curious about my new book? I’ll tell you about it next week!