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Most of us have a powerful need to be part of a couple. This need drives us in and out of relationships. It used to be that people dated, got married, had families, and rarely divorced. Being “fulfilled” was not a priority, and being unhappy was not a cause for divorce.

The rules have changed, haven’t they? Life has become more complex. We want to have incredible relationships, but we may not know how.

Here are some interesting facts:

There are more singles today than ever in history – 82 million in the United States – 40 percent of the adult population. (In 1970 it was only 28 percent.)

The marriage rate is decreasing, and it’s at it’s lowest level in 30 years.

  • 43 percent of first marriages end within fifteen years
  • 39 percent of remarriages end within ten years
  • Second and third marriages have a higher incidence of failure

However, 94 percent of young adults say that having a good relationship is important to them

What does that mean for you? Chances are, if you’re single, you may have had some challenges in the relationship department. What if you could experience a process that would greatly increase your chances for relationship success?

That’s what Fit4love offers. We have a tested and proven approach that increases your relationship skills and assists you to find the love of your life.

Interested? Want to know more?

The Fit4love Process

Let’s go on an archaeological dig of sorts and unearth common traits in your past partners. What attracts you to certain types of people? What has worked...and what hasn’t? The Fit4love process features a 10-point approach to help you find that special someone - that romantic relationship you’ve been looking for.

The Fit4love coaching process focuses on your strengths and your romantic needs and wants. You can work individually, or in a group, with a certified Fit4love coach and you can contact us for a referral to a coach. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can work at your own pace through our self-study program.

To help you understand the unique Fit4love process we've put together a short informational video or you can keep reading.

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There are critical steps that build on each other to help you find the love of your life. The result? A fresh, informed and intentional approach to romance. With well-defined values and clarity in what YOU want in a relationship, never again feel uncertain about whether you’re in the right relationship or not.

Fit4love helps you master these important techniques in just minutes each week. If you're working with a coach, your coach will tailor the program to meet your needs. With our self-study program, you'll follow twelve detailed modules.

1.  Lessons From The Past — You'll start your Fit4love program by uncovering old behaviors and old habits that have kept you choosing the same types of relationships over and over again. You'll learn why your past relationships were destined to fail from the beginning and then, the really exciting part, exactly what you can do to keep this from ever happening again.

2. Common Patterns — In this module you'll learn the techniques to categorize your past relationship problems into common patterns. You'll learn why you've been attracted to certain types of people and how to make the changes to find the relationship of your dreams.

3. Becoming Intentional — This is a game-changing session where you'll learn how to be completely present and not lost in the fantasy of thinking this is your perfect partner on the first date. It might be fun to daydream but it clouds our judgment. You'll learn to become aware of possible red flags and to consciously decide whether or not you should even have a second date. It's so empowering.

4. Creating Your Strengths Inventory – This allows you to connect with who you are and how much you have to offer. You'll be able to look at your Strengths Inventory before you go on a date so you'll never settle for less, again. Not only will your self-confidence increase dramatically, making you more appealing to others, but you'll know deep down that you deserve that perfect partner.

5. Your Core Values – This is about exploring the core values you're looking for in a romantic partner. You'll learn why relationships that are based on values succeed and why those that aren't, don't. You'll also examine what happens when you compromise your values in a relationship, so you never allow that to happen again.

6. Your Relationship Support System – This is where you'll build a team of trusted friends or family who will support you in staying true to your values. When you have accountability and people cheering you on, you're a lot less likely to repeat past patterns. You'll also have a relationship team in your corner, helping you make important romance decisions.

7. Discovering Your Dating Resources — Now it's time to learn where to find your perfect partner. In this module you'll learn about 15 dating resources so you're never lost about where to look for love. Not only do we explore online dating, speed-dating, going to clubs, and so on, but we talk about the hidden areas like Meet-Up, singles volunteering, and even the idea of creating your own singles group.

8. Assessing Your Dating Skills – In this module you'll learn the 40 relationship skills and attitudes you must have to find love. Forty might sound a lot but you're probably already suing some of these skills in other areas of your life and have just never thought of applying them to your dating. You'll analyze your social, dating and intimacy skills, and identify what you want to improve.

9. Your Dating Skills Action Plan – You're going to create an action plan for improving your skills. Don't worry, this isn't like school or college or working out at the gym. There are some fun exercises for this and it won't even seem like work. Remember,  every date is an opportunity for you to practice these skills.

10. Fit4love Prompts - These prompts are customized questions for you to use when you're on a date, to uncover what this person is really about. You be able to quickly see whether a person shares those fundamental values that are so important to you and you'll also have a list of thought-provoking questions that guarantee you 'll never struggle with making conversation again.

11. NotFit4love Warning Signs - This is an important screening too and will help you to instantly recognize red flags in another person. By paying attention to these warning signs, you'll never make those same relationship mistakes again.

12: RUFit4love? - This is another fabulous tool! With the RUFit4love tool you'll be able to quickly and objectively assess each of your dates. You'll be able to make conscious decisions about continuing your relationships and you'll understand exactly why you do or don't want to continue.

  • Are you ready to learn how to find the love of your life?
  • Do you want to know how to find your perfect mate?
  • Are you ready to do relationships differently?
  • Are are ready to find the love of your life?
  • Are you ready to stop dating losers and find true winners?
Fit4love Self Study Program


Whether you're working with a certified Fit4love coach one-on-one or in a group, or following our self-study program, you'll be learning the same tried and tested Fit4love principles that have helped other singles.  Divorce coach Mandy Walker turned to Fit4love for guidance when she was ready to start dating after her divorce. You can read about her experience on her blog, Since My Divorce.